Climate Impact

We offer a global pipeline of development projects with manufacturing facilities to support.

We are an investor and fund manager committed to supplying capital to our projects.

We have ongoing partnerships with manufacturers enabling us to secure the supply chain and deliver key equipment for our projects.

We are partnering with global leaders with the aim of reducing carbon emissions.

Speed is critical to addressing climate change

CIC acts as an accelerator in addressing decarbonisation

A Global Pipeline of development projects and manufacturing facilities to support our projects
An Investor and Fund Manager supplying capital to our projects
Partnering with Manufacturers to secure our supply chain for key equipment

Partnering with Global leaders in reducing carbon emissions worldwide

Investing in developing technologies to bring them to scale

Producing what markets want: green ammonia, e methanol, sustainable aviation fuels

Generating new ideas to meeting the challenge of climate change

Developing Australia’s Iconic green hydrogen project: 10GW Green Springs project

Our Projects

Our projects include the establishment of and management of investment funds and development, acquisition and management of renewable energy and large infrastructure.