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Renewable Hydrogen

Innovation in energy is essential for achieving our global ambition for a fossil-fuel-free economy.

Why Renewable Hydrogen?

Today, key pillars of the global economy, including air travel, manufacturing, and chemical production, rely on fuels powered by fossil energy sources, and only a renewable replacement fuel can decarbonise these sectors.

Renewable hydrogen is the key to unlocking sustainable fuel opportunities across the economy, providing a renewable fuel source where electrification is expensive or unviable.

Our ambition is to bring together the world’s best technology and unparalleled expertise in renewable hydrogen innovation to power this global renewable energy revolution.


Renewable hydrogen needs to be both reliable and affordable to transform the global energy market, reducing in price to just USD$2 per kilogram. Achieving this low price requires access to both affordable renewable energy and abundant water sources.

But areas with high sun exposure best suited for renewable energy production, like deserts, are often the most commonly water-stressed areas. This means that traditional hydrogen production not only relies on fossil fuel sources, but has substantial negative environmental impacts.

The Opportunity

With the climate changing rapidly, we can no longer rely on old and environmentally harmful solutions to generate hydrogen.

A Modular Solution

Our innovative, modular solution allows us to break through traditional barriers and create affordable renewable hydrogen in a wide variety of locations.

Alongside our partners, we’ve developed a closed system of modules that each contain solar power generators, atmospheric water generators, electrolysers, and other components that allow for clean hydrogen generation to take place almost anywhere, at any scale – even in the world’s deserts.

Combining atmospheric water generators with solar power generation allows us to take the ground-breaking step of bringing abundant water to the parts of the world with the best solar power resources – a revolutionary new approach to affordable clean hydrogen production.

Modular Benefits

Global Capabilities

Our vision is to bring affordable renewable fuels to the world, so our module can be placed at any scale, almost anywhere in the world, to produce clean hydrogen fuels. From small 2.5MW plants to significant multiple-gigawatt facilities, our modules can be scaled to meet the world’s energy needs today and tomorrow.

Culturally and

Modules can also be placed around culturally and environmentally sensitive areas, minimising the impact on the landscape and environment.

No Heavy Water

Mature atmospheric water generator technology, used innovatively as part of a hydrogen production module, eliminates demand for ground or town water. Instead, the water generators operate much like the natural rainfall cycle, using only energy from the sun and the humidity in the air to make hydrogen.

In line with our mission to power the world’s decarbonisation revolution, the extraction of water directly from the air also reduces the amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. We also ensure the water generators, which pull just a tiny percentage of the water from the air, are located in a way that cares for local environmental needs, providing an opportunity to protect and prioritise local plant and animal species.

Electrolysers work like a tree

Electrolysers work like a tree