About Us

Climate Impact

We address decarbonisation through an integrated platform which offers project development, asset ownership and management, capital and fund management, and advisory.

Innovative Solutions

We bring innovative solutions to the challenges and opportunities created by a changing climate and shifting economic circumstances. We invest directly in, and develop our own projects, raise and manage funds, and act as an accelerator in achieving climate change and sustainability objectives for our partners globally.

Our Investment Values

Consistency with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Providing sustainability, social benefits, and clear and accountable governance structures

Ensuring net benefit to the community

Delivering commercial returns for investors

Our Location

We are located across Greater Asia, USA, Oceania and Pacific Islands with offices in Sydney, Darwin, Hong Kong, Singapore and Beijing.

Our Business Focus

We are focused on areas critical to decarbonising the global economy including:
  • Green hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives
  • Green and traditional capital markets and funds management
  • Carbon emissions offsets
  • Energy, water, and agriculture sectors.

What We Do

Bringing our decades of experience to provide innovative solutions for hard to abate industries, we seek to address the fundamental challenges of a sustainable and equitable energy transition by:
  • Organising, channelling, and managing capital to be invested in decarbonisation and the energy transition
  • Originating and developing projects critical to decarbonisation while maximising community benefit
  • Managing highly complex projects and technical issues requiring engagement with multiple service professionals, global corporations, financial institutions and governments
  • Supporting partners to meet their climate action and sustainability goals
  • Ensuring accountability through compliance with accredited reporting frameworks.

Our Experience

For more than 30 years, Climate Impact’s principals have been undertaking initiatives that are essential to a just energy transition.

Our own expertise allows us to quickly identify and address the complex issues and challenges associated with decarbonisation. Through our collective experience, we are:

  • Knowledgeable senior executives and company directors with extensive experience across Australia and Asia in renewable energy and water projects, the carbon market, major infrastructure projects, funds management, investment banking and professional services
  • Leaders in green financing and funds management
  • Proficient developers of decarbonisation projects
  • Advisers to governments on key industries critical to decarbonisation
  • Innovators in overcoming challenges that impede progress to sustainability and decarbonisation.