Our Group

Climate Impact

CIC operates to provide an integrated solution to addressing decarbonisation while seeking an equitable distribution of benefits to communities.

An integrated group that channels capital to projects making a contribution to communities, sustainability and decarbonisation consistent with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Our Group

Climate Impact provides an integrated solution that addresses decarbonisation and seeks to ensure an equal distribution of benefits to communities.

We do this through our:

CI Development

manages our developments through the full life cycle from origination to operations and maintenance.

CI Capital

raises and manages capital for our projects, for our partners and third parties consistent with our green and sustainability focus.

CI Technology

identifies the leading opportunities for technology advancements that can be commercialised and scaled to third party projects.

Selected Current and Former Partners

Equipment, Development, Offtake and Investment
Capital and Finance
Service Providers

Key Agencies We Deal With