Making a Positive Contribution

CI Development

Our objective is to develop projects that make a positive contribution to sustainability, the community in which they operate and decarbonisation, all while achieving commercial returns for our partners.

We were early entrants in the renewable market for large-scale wind, solar and batteries, and more recently green hydrogen.

Our team have extensive experience with integrated technologies required to produce green hydrogen to ensure all our projects offer significant carbon offsets.

We work with international development partners to originate and develop projects across Asia, Australia, USA and the Pacific Islands.

We have extensive and long-established networks throughout Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands which allow us to effectively work with governments, communities, and local institutions.

Our projects offer significant carbon offsets.

Experienced Developers

We delivered Australia’s first integrated large-scale grid connected battery and solar project

The project at the time was the largest integrated solar and battery project globally and had to overcome technology integration issues that had not yet been seen in the industry.

We developed Australia’s most technically advanced large-scale off grid green hydrogen project

We took the early-stage concept of a modular form of solar PV, concentrated solar, electrolysers and a water maker and turned it into a 10GW truly green hydrogen project. As part of the project, we brought in one of Japan’s largest vertically integrated gas buyers and distributers as a joint developer.

We led the creation of Japan’s first solar plants

We led the development and sale of Japan’s first foreign own solar PV projects.